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Roof Product Information

Introducing H-Shield ReadyFlash®

Hunter Panels introduces H-Shield with ReadyFlash Technology. ReadyFlash Technology allows applicators to manipulate adhesive flash-off times by choosing between two different-colored facers on every board.

Hunter H-Shield Time Trial

This time trial video shows the difference in labor and time you can save by using 4′ x 12′ H-Shield panels compared to 4′ x 8′ H-Shield panels.

Hunter Panels ReadyFlash Technology

When it comes to installing an adhered roofing system, adhesive flash-off is a crucial factor. ReadyFlash Technology, available on Hunter Panels’ H-Shield CG, allows the applicator to choose how fast they’d like the adhesive to flash-off. Check out this video for more on this innovative technology.

Ronald McDonald House

This video showcases a job utilizing Hunter Panels materials on a Ronald McDonald House being built in Columbus, OH.

Hinged Target Sump

Hinged Target Sumps are pre-assembled with Tapered H-Shield CG, 20 PSI or 25 PSI. Sumps have perimeter edge thicknesses of 1.5”, 2”, 2.5” or 3” and can assist in saving 50% in material and waste costs over field fabricated sumps.

Wall Product Information

Using Hunter Xci Ply

This testimonial video discusses a job using Hunter Xci Ply.


Installation Techniques for Xci Foil Grip

Hunter Panels Xci presents installation techniques for Foil Grip 1402 tape at seam and corner treatments on Xci Foil Class A.

Installation Techniques for Barribond

Hunter Panels Xci presents installation techniques for seam and corner treatments with BarriBond XL over Xci Foil (Class A).