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Xci NB

Xci NB is an energy efficient rigid insulation panel composed of a closed cell polyisocyanurate foam core bonded to a premium performance coated glass facer on one side and 7 /16″ or 5 /8″ OSB or plywood on the other. This product is designed for use in Type V commercial and residential wall applications providing continuous insulation and a cladding attachment substrate. Do not countersink fasteners. See the Technical Data Sheet below for more information.

Codes & Compliances

  • ASTM C 1289
  • IBC Chapter 26 and IRC section R316
  • California Code of Regulations, Title 24, Insulation Quality Standard License #TI-1420
  • California Bureau of Household Goods and Services
  • UL Classified for use in Canada
See technical data sheet below for more information