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H-Shield HD

Hunter H-Shield HD is a ½” thick high density polyisocyanurate insulation panel specifically designed to uses as a cover board. It is manufactured on-line to a premium performance coated glass facer on both sides. H-Shield HD provides an R-value of 2.5 that can assist in meeting the energy code R-value requirements for a roof system. Hunter H-Shield HD contains no HFCs, CFCs or HCFCs. See the Technical Data Sheet below for more information. Polyiso Eco Ready (Optional) with 5% bio-content option available.



  • ASTM C 1289 Type II, Class 4, Grade 1 (109 psi)
  • UL Classified 790
  • UL Class A
  • ASTM E 108
  • FM Approved – consult RoofNav for specific assemblies
  • FM Approved 1-75
  • Miami Dade County Product Control Approved
  • State of Florida Product Approval No. FL 5968
  • California Code of Regulations, Title 24, Insulation Quality Standard License #TI-1420
See technical data sheet below for more information