pdf Tech Topic 103

Tech Topic 103

What are the ASTM E84 classifications of Hunter XCI products?

pdf Tech Topic 104

Tech Topic 104

Differences in ASTM E84 flame spread and smoke developed values of foam insulations.

pdf Tech Topic 105

Tech Topic 105

How are Extension Reports used in qualifying wall assemblies for NFPA 285 test?

pdf Tech Topic 106

Tech Topic 106

How does the IBC classify different types of buildings?

pdf Tech Topic 107

Tech Topic 107

How does the higher weight of Mineral Fiber impact a typical wall assembly?

pdf Tech Topic 108

Tech Topic 108

How does the test method work for determining R-value of a building product?

pdf Tech Topic 109

Tech Topic 109

 The Effect of Air & Water on R-Values of Insulation Materials

pdf Tech Topic 110

Tech Topic 110

Is Mineral Wool Exempt from NFPA 285 Testing? What Triggers the NFPA 285 Test Compliance?

pdf Tech Topic 111

Tech Topic 111

When attaching Hunter Xci Ply and Xci NB composite products in accordance with the Xci Fastener Engineering Report.

pdf Tech Topic 112

Tech Topic 112

Understanding fastening patterns and requirements for Hunter Xci Ply, Hunter Xci Ply Class A and Hunter Xci NB

pdf Tech Topic 113

Tech Topic 113

What are the cladding attachment system options for continuous insulation products?

pdf Tech Topic 115

Tech Topic 115

What fire ratings has Xci insulation earned?

pdf Tech Topic 116

Tech Topic 116

Complying with the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)