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Xci 286 is an energy-efficient rigid foam insulation composed of a polyisocyanurate foam core manufactured online to glass fiber reinforced foil facers. It can be used in new construction, or used for interior retrofit within existing buildings. Xci 286 is designed for exposed interior wall or ceiling use in commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural and metal building applications.


  • Polyiso offers increased R-Value per inch vs. mineral fiber, XPS or EPS options
  • Passed NFPA 286 Corner Burn Test for walls or ceilings only, with or without joint treatment, allowing product to be left exposed on interior application without a thermal barrier up to 3.5" thick
  • Passed UL 1715 with up to 8" for ceilings only
  • Flame spread of 25 per ASTM E 84
  • Both sides reinforced foil, one side reflective, one side white, either side may be left exposed

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