Hunter Roofing AIA-CEU Course HP107

Provider: Hunter Panels K169
Course: HP107
Course Title: Tapered Insulation Roof Systems: What are they? How do I specify them and why?
(1) LU/HSW


  1. Understand the features and benefits of Tapered Polyisocyanurate Insulation
  2. Identify and understand key terms when designing a Tapered Insulation system: a panel, a profile and a slope
  3. Identify specific design perimeters to include in your specification: minimum R Value, Slope, drainage expectations
  4. Identify building design requirements and which type of tapered insulation system is appropriate: 2 Way, 4 Way, Multi-slope or constant perimeter
  5. Understand what a cricket is and when to use it
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Free. 1 HSW credit.