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What is the NFPA 285?

  • Pass Fail Fire Performance System Test
  • Measures the performance of wall systems and their components when wrapped in combustible materials
  • Required by code(Chapter 14 and 26 IBC)

What Is NFPA 285?Hunter Xci offers two AIA Presentations that go into great detail on the NFPA 285 test, HP105 - Continuous Insulation: Code Compliance and the NFPA 285 in Commercial Wall Assemblies and HP110 - Continuous Insulation and Beyond: Design solutions that offer energy efficiency, thermal value, fire performance and moisture control. For more information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why is the NFPA 285 important?

  • Building occupant and fire safety issue
  • CI Codes are increasingly being adopted into state codes
  • Without proper documentation:
    • Project stops until documentation is provided
    • One or multiple materials maybe removed or changed
    • Building envelope redesign



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