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Last Update: May 14, 2024

The Role of Cover Boards in Commercial Roofing

Cover boards have the unique ability to enhance the overall performance of commercial roof systems. As a higher compressive strength substrate beneath the single-ply membrane, cover boards enhance wind uplift performance, hail resistance, foot traffic resistance, and even puncture resistance. By enhancing the overall roof system performance, longer duration warranties and/or higher wind gust speeds may be available. Many cover board options exist, including; High-Density Polyiso, Gypsum, OSB, and Recycled boards. Each option provides a host of performance benefits to the roof system. Composite cover board options also exist in which the base insulation is manufactured directly to the cover board above, providing a dual-purpose solution in a single product. Cover board selection considerations:  

-Fastening requirements – many products offer reduced fastening schedules  
-Moisture resistance – options range in their ability to perform in the presence of moisture  
-Handling and cutting – product weight and ease of cutting  
-Insulating value – some options provide insulating value, adding additional R-value to the roof system