The Hunter Culture Club - Drink it and Weep

Culture club

Once an employee – you take a special oath, which we cannot reveal as it's top secret! Then you imbibe some nasty green beverage (it ain't your Momma's Kool-Aid and it won't put hair on your chest.)

Our People Are…

• Honest & Transparent (but not in a Casper the Ghost way!)
• We are Open & Approachable, Personable, Friendly & Fun.
• We value Individuality, Diversity, Family & Teamwork.
• We are Industry Leaders who are Focused on Empowered Relationships.
• Live People with a Pulse and a Personality! (Again, no ghosts here!)


Our “Whatever It Takes” Attitude Means…

• We are Helpful, Responsive & Flexible (Gumby’s a stiff compared to us).
• We are Pro-Active Customer Advocates and Problem Solvers.
• We are known for our Speed of Service & Accountability.
• “No” means… well, we’re not sure what it means. The word is not in our vocabulary.