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HP Heroes notagSome may call us self-serving. We like to think of it as "pride in a job well done". Hunter Panels appreciates our employees and we like to call them out with an extra bit of praise when they go above and beyond the call of duty. We designate these folks – our Hunter Heroes.

If you would like to nominate someone please email your story to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kyle Ryerson

Kyle Ryerson smThank you for your "Whatever it Takes" spirit in being the team lead on the CRM implementation, on top of all of your other daily job responsibilities! We realize that this is a HUGE undertaking, 50% of your time somedays and would not be where we are today in the process without your direction and passion. You are a wonderful example of the "Whatever it Takes" spirit this company was founded on. Cheers!

~ Mary S. — Portland ME

Rob DeHaan

Rob DehaanI am writing you to tell you how pleased we are to be working with Rob DeHaan.  He always does his best to provide fast turnaround on quote requests.  He often gives unsolicited options that he knows will be a benefit to our contractors.  A little while back we had a job where a new estimator made a mistake and came up short because he incorrectly calculated the foam adhesive. I called Rob and he suggested the extended panels and that suggestion may have saved this guy's job.  A couple times I send him a quote request and shortly after getting his out of office message I would get my quote, incredible! As you are aware we have numerous options as to what vendors we can use to provide quotes which I have done this in the past, Rob's ability to provide cost effective options and responsiveness is unmatched. I look forward to continue our great working relationship into the future.

~ Rich S., Ohio

Stacie Gagne

Stacie GagneStacie Gagne had some big shoes to fill when Tyler Kuhn moved to a different position at Hunter Panels. Stacy has always been there when we needed her. She exemplifies the motto, "Whatever it takes". Great follow up with customers and does an excellent job with distribution. Never a complaint. She finds products when not available and solves the problem. A great team player working with Nicole, Rick, Ed and our regional Dan Flickinger to make sure we are up to speed with pricing and information.
I love working with her she is one of the best!

~ Jim — Falcon Building Solutions

Selena Ellsmore

Selena ElsmoreCongratulations Selena - A Real Team Player!

Selena completely bailed the tapered department out in our transition when Dianna was out on medical leave. She was a quick study of CRM and with minimal training was logging in projects for us in 2 days. She accomplished this all while continuing her daily activities. A huge help and another example of the "Whatever it takes attitude!" Thank You!

~ Luke - Portland

Alice Sullivan

sullivan aliceI want you to know how awesome Alice is at pooliing shipments which help our customers save money. Once again, Alice has found another order going to a similar area and she has been able to save our customer some money and the stress of wondering when LTL will actually deliver.

Alice is doing great with Xci in Texas!


Kim Crepeau

Kim Crepeau Hunter Hero"They said it couldn't be done. There is no CG facer, no HD coverboard, weeks out on 2.5". Steal, beg and borrow. Some material in one plant, some in another. Can they take 4x4? Can they take 25 psi? Couldn't be done but had to be. Delivered today.

I nominate Hunter Hero Kim Crepeau. Miracles happen. Never lose faith."


May 2017 - Tyler, Keith and Nicole

IMG 1062Congratulations Tyler, Keith and Nicole for going above and beyond with your Xci expertise and being such wonderful trainers! We appreciate you and thank you!

April 2017 - Rob DeHann

Rob DeHann heroCongratulations Rob!

I want to nominate Rob for a Hunter Hero award. He was up until 1 am last night working on a tapered project for a school. On top of that he worked through another job late in the day yesterday as well. He sent that quote at 9 pm. He works late hours from home on many nights. He proactively tracks jobs and is always looking for ways to help the company. He exudes "Whatever it Takes!"

Matt - Portland, ME

April 2017 - John Nugent

John nugent hero crpdCongratulations John!

John Nugent is nominated as a Hunter Hero for the outstanding service he provided to inside sales and the Terrell facility for handling a pressing issue at 10:00 pm on a Friday night!  We thank you for your Whatever it Takes attitude no matter what time it is!

Jen, et all
Portland, Maine

April 2017 - Selene Labbe

Selene Labbe HeroJennifer -

Last week, I needed assistance to get an extended panel taper for a contractor on a timely basis. The issue was much more complicated than what I am relaying but I just wanted to let you know that Selene jumped in and took charge of the situation and kept me informed of her progress. She was able to resolve all issues and the truck should be arriving to the job site this week. Many times customer service only hears the bad side of things, but not the good. I have previously thanked Selene for her efforts, but also wanted you to know what an excellent and capable person you have in your department

Nancy, Division 7 Solutions


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